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The Value of Supplements (Video)

Optimal eating is difficult to accomplish on a daily basis, that is why taking a daily multivitamin may be vital for a healthy life. Although they are not a substitute for the nutritional values of food, they do help to fill any nutrient gaps in the daily diet.

Read more about vitamins and what supplements Dr. Weil takes on a daily basis:

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Reader Comments (1)

Completely agree. A multivitamin a day isn't a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet, but they do help you out when life gets a bit too busy for a good meal!

I have great faith in my vitamins as my stopping taking them always seems to coincide with an illness, so for that reason I think I am quite dependant on them!

Nice to hear someone else agrees.

- Gary

Wellness International

June 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGary

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